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FutureNet Technologies also provides CAD / CAM / CAE based Outsourcing (BPO) service from India catering to Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Consultants, Manufacturers and Fabricators all over the World.

Our service is focussed around a few core activities including CAD Drawing, Drafting, Detailing, Designing & Digitisation (Digitization), 3D Modeling & Rendering, CAD Visualisation (Visualization), Walk-throughs and Paper to CAD conversion.

We work within your time frame, providing a cost effective high precision service at your doorstep. Therefore we guarantee optimum solutions with respect to QUALITY, TIME and COST.


We Specialize In:


Paper to CAD Conversion:

Paper to CAD Conversion presents various benefits as converted drawings. Since revision, storage, retrieval, documentation and transportation of paper drawings is cumbersome task requiring expensive resources including valuable space, human resources etc. There is also a high risk of paper drawings getting damaged in various ways over period of time.

We specialize in providing high quality paper to CAD conversions which are:
• Compatible with your existing CAD systems.
• Require no additional training costs.
• Are easily edited/upgraded.
• Can be shared between multi users and multi locations.
• Are economical than redrawing them in-house.

Rendering Architectural/ Engineering:

Renderings & Animations are effective tools to help communicate your ideas & products in the marketing stage or to help illustrate your conceptual designs to others in your organization. The 3D renderings and "walk-through" provide your prospective clients an unmatched visualization tool to be able to appreciate the design even before the project is started.

3D Modeling and Rendering Services used for:
• Architecture / Interior Designing / Land Scaping.
• Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing.
• Industrial Engineering.
• Animation.

3D Modelling Architectural/ Engineering:

3D Modelling whether it's an Architectural-presentation, Mechanical, Industrial or any other design discipline, 3D CAD models are standard for presentation and conceptualization of the proposed design.

Services are available for:
• Conversion of 2D / 3D CAD design to accurate 3D Models.
• Conversion of 2D CAD drawings to required formats such as Solidedge, Solidworks etc.
• Creation of "Walk through" animations for true to life presentations.
• Conversion of 2D Paper Drawings to 3D CAD Formats.
• 3D Terrain modeling for maps.
• Exploded view generation from a given Assembly.
• 3D Wire Frame Modeling.
• 3D Animations & Walk-Throughs.

3D Animation involves the below mentioned steps:
• Story Board • Character Decision • Modeling • Blend Sheap • Texturing • Riging • Animation • Lighting • Rendering

Kindly provide us the information for the following questions to enable us to give you an accurate Cost and Time estimate:
• Which of the above steps would you like to outsource?
• Are you going to provide the story board?
• What kind of models are involved? Kindly provide us with some examples?
• What kind of environment and scenarios are involved? Kindly provide us with some examples?
• Is modeling real, semi real or cartoon? Please provide a sample of work needed by you.
• Is UV or normal texturing needed?
The cost estimate (pricing/quotation) depends upon all the above factors and what effects are needed by you? So if you could send a sample scenario, we will be able to send a more accurate cost estimate (pricing/quotation).

 Click here for sample works

Map Conversions:

Converting paper maps to CAD. The conversions are true and complete representations of original maps with multiple layers, including all line-work, true editable text and accurate dimensions. Map conversions can be performed paper, Mylar, blueprints, sketches, films etc.

Map Conversions services are available for:
• Contour Maps, Parcel Maps, Street Maps.
• Digital Terrain Models.
• Surveys - Utility, Forestry etc.
• Topographic Mapping.
• Digital Elevation Models.
• Satellite Imagery.
• Resource maps - oil, gas, minerals, soils, etc.
• Environmental maps, Utilities maps.

Advantages of CAD / CAM / CAE Outsourcing to FutureNet Technologies in India:

CAD services are labour intensive & time consuming, thus by using the latest technologies, economies of scale & the advantage of low cost high talent manpower pool in India, we at FutureNet Technologies reduce operating & administrative costs. We pass on this cost advantage to our customers. We have a flexible way of billing. We can offer option of choosing between:
a) Fixed cost per assignment
b) Work on an agreed hourly rate for the project

Each job has to evaluated in totality based upon the specific requirements. The actual quotation / estimate can only be provided after receiving the scope of work.

Design changes if any will be charged extra. Hard copies/CD’s etc. will be charged separately.

With FutureNet Technologies you know you are benefiting from the latest technologies, operated within a stable and secure IT environment, allowing you to focus on your core business. We can support any of your CAD needs. Contact Us to find out how we can help you to achieve your CAD requirments.

FAQs for CAD Outsourcing to India:

  • How do we start?
    The initial steps are to send us the following:
    • Scope of work
    • Sketch / Paper Drawings / Reference Samples
    • Required Turnaround time (TAT)
  • Do you provide a free trial?
    You could visit our website and check out the 'Sample Jobs' done by us. If you need us to do any personal sampling jobs than we can provide you that service too at a discounted rates
  • In what format can the drawings be sent?
    The files can be sent in any graphic format, such as TIFF, JPEG, PDF etc... Paper drawings can also be couriered to our office. AutoCAD drawings can also be emailed to us for 3D modeling and animation.
  • What drawing standards are followed?
    We can follow any Drawing Standards as prescribed by you. However we can also use default standards such as AIA guidelines.
  • How do we communicate?
    Communication can be done by email, by phone, by fax or online chat. We can also setup an FTP account for our clients.
  • In what resolution should the paper drawings be scanned?
    The paper drawings can be scanned starting from 150 DPI - 200 DPI, however the most important part is the clarity of the information to be sent.
  • Can drawings be sent through fax?
    Yes, you can fax your drawings to us by cutting them into long strips, although it may lead to a loss of quality and information. We therefore do not encourage drawings to be faxed.
  • What kind of turnaround time (TAT) can be expected?
    The turnaround time (TAT) depends totally on the project as well as the output required. We can also work on short deadlines if required.
  • Do you spell-check the drawings?
    Yes, we do spell-check to maintain the quality of the drawings, be it text or any other information. However we may need a glossary or interpretation of architectural terminology if the language is other than English.
  • How do you ensure security of data?
    We make every effort to safeguard the project details during the course of the project. The original documents can be returned after the completion of the project.
  • How can you send heavy data files?
    We have fast internet connections with FTP servers and can transfer a huge amount of data through FTP. We can also burn a CD and post it to you as per your convenience.
  • Do you provide any Guarantee of service?
    FutureNet Technologies has a 100% guarantee policy. Our goal is to have every customer as a reference. Our endeavor is to provide a quality and service level which delights our customers. Our "Guarantee Policy" provides our clients, protection for a full one year after our services have been used. This guarantee against defects is applicable for 365 days from the date of delivery of work. Any non-compliance to client specifications or standards if detected during this period will be corrected free of cost by us.
  • What are the various processes (steps) involved?
    FutureNet Technologies's staff works closely with all clients to ensure that the final CAD files produced by us match with your project requirements completely.
    Upon receipt of your drawings to be converted into CAD, we examine the project and work closely with you to ensure that all technical requirements are understood before proceeding with the drafting process. Before beginning a large conversion project, we recommend that you send us 10 to 20 documents, along with your specific layering standards, blocks, etc. for an initial conversion. This allows us to work together to assure you that our conversions meet your specific standards before the actual conversion project begins.
    Once you have received and reviewed the final CAD files, we follow-up to verify that the CAD files have met all of your specific project requirements. If any inconsistencies with the files are detected, we update the files immediately and supply the updates to your office.
  • Are these services permissible under law?
    Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) are covered under WTO agreement and are signed by more than 100 countries around the globe.
  • How do we make payments?
    Payments can be made in US Dollars or in any other currency by mailing a cheque to us or by wire transfer to our bankers.


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