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What are banner ads?

Banner ads are text and pictures typically placed on high traffic web sites. When you click on a banner ad, it sends you to the advertised web site.

Banner ads are largely anchoring or branding devices. Think of a jingle on a radio: when you hear the jingle, do you feel compelled to suddenly buy the product? Not really. You hear the jingle over and over, and eventually, develop AWARENESS of the company or its product.

In the same way, most banner ads are generally not designed to generate immediate click-throughs. They are designed to be an awareness and anchoring device, not an immediate lead generator.

Like ads on TV or radio, people can both love and hate the concept and execution of banner ads. People tend to say that they dislike blinking ads that distract them from the content of the page: however, the same people will click on these banner ads to go to the advertiser's site! (Another off-line comparison: people also say they hate commercials because they interrupt the program -- but they remember the commercials.) Like TV ads and radio jingles, banner ads can be very effective.

Banner Ads are a prime form of advertising that are a great way to catch the viewer's attention. With a colorful company logo and upcoming events, a Banner Ad is a sure way to publicity your company needs for future growth.

This page has basic rate information and specifications for banner ads and business listings in FutureNet Technologies. You provide the banner graphic, or we can create one for you.

Different types of banner ad details, their sizes & samples are mentioned below:

Dimension: 468 x 60 Pixels File Size: 15 KB maximum
Your banner ad may be static or animated and is linked to your website. A single Banner Ad is placed near the bottom of each category page (a page having a link from the starting page)

Dimension: 125 x 125 / 120 x 90 / 120 x 60 / 88 x 31 Pixels File Size: 10 KB maximum
Since all Button Ads appear on the FutureNet Technologies main page, they provide the highest level of exposure of anything in your product line. Button Ads are available as a full-time presence, or in a three button rotation.

Dimension: 234 x 60 / 120 x 240 Pixels File Size: 12 KB maximum
Sponsorship Ads are available one per category. Sponsorship Ads reside in the top quarter of each main category page. Sponsorship Ads, usually text based are a very high exposure ad in the category of your choice. What if every person visiting the Vastu Shastra page saw your Vastu products specials before anyone else's? In a word... Business! Sponsorship Ads are also available as a picture of logo.

For pricing information, technical details or any other queries please be free to contact us!


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