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Our writing philosophy: We like words. You may notice that from the plethora of paragraphs on our site. But as much as we like words, we believe those words should convey a message, make a point, share an idea. We do not believe in marketing babble.

FutureNet Technologies is a web development company. We could tell you that we are information architects creating custom technology solutions for your media messages. But what does that mean? Readers will be asleep after the first adjective, or worse, they’ll move on to a competitor. Wouldn’t it suffice to say that we are a web development company? That we will market and enhance your business online and in the real world where people often speak in monosyllables?

Sure you need to tell the world how great you are, and sound like you mean it, but we believe the superlatives should be supported by facts. We believe in researching and writing from a position of intelligence and knowledge. We believe in speaking to an audience, whether it’s a full web page or a one-liner. Ultimately, when your readers feel that you are speaking to them, they will feel that you know and understand them and they’ll draw their own conclusions about how “great” your company is, and you’ll never have to use the word.

Our copywriting services are the ideal solution for agencies that focus on visual presentation and need experienced writers to help develop the content for their efforts. With a team of competent writers and editors, we undertake turnkey projects for content development and editing.

Our Creative Copywriting Services includes:

Magazines/ In-house Journals/ Newsletters:

We offer our expertise from initial stages of planning, content generation and editing, and make the magazine/journal/newsletter ready for print. With our vast experience with the media, we can plan entire magazines defining editorial policies according to your requirement. We can suggest article ideas and formulate complete content of the magazine/journal. We specialise in editing and proof-reading of copy matter and even co-ordinate with designers for design ideas if required.

We make sure that our copy has the essential ingredients:
• Identifies with target readers
• Has a strong element of truth
• Strong reader identification
• In-depth research
• Makes interesting reading

Website Content Development:

In a Website, where you have a few hundred words in which to tell your story, every single word counts. We believe that the marketing impact and information packed copy should drive home the point immediately. To that effect, we develop Web-friendly content, unique in style and in accordance to your needs. We also undertake rewriting and editing of ready content, or effective changes required in existing Websites. We know how to pack more into less!

Many web designers and programmers do the technical construction of your website and then wait for you to provide the written content. While you know your business, you may not be comfortable writing about it. At FutureNet Technologies, we make it easy for you! We will meet you in person or over the phone to discuss the content for your website. Adding any necessary research, we write the content for your website. You just have to proof-read and approve the copy before it's added online.

Writing for websites is different than writing other types of documents.
• Words must be chosen carefully to emphasize the important "keywords" on each page.
• Use words that your audience is familiar with (and likely to be searching for).
• Break up paragraphs of copy with headlines and bullet lists.
• Fully explain your products and services to your audience.
• Answer questions that your audience is likely to ask.
• Include a "call to action" so your readers know exactly what they need to do.
• Keyword usage is critical if search engine traffic is important to your website. Repetition of those keywords in
natural, well-written language is an important part of optimizing your website to perform well in search engines.

FutureNet Technologies has the skill and experience to write powerful, effective copy for your website. You might have knew this till now reading our site content itself. Contact us for information on copywriting for your website.

Brouchers & Advertisements:

Few effective words can provide the steam to propel your product into the future. Catchy and impressive copy for promotional material like Brochures and Advertisements is a worthwhile investment for your marketing and brand-building exercise.

We create the most effective, impressive and creative copy that will turn your prospective clients into brand loyalists. Brand building is not a one-man show but the effort of a creative team - art director, visualiser and copywriter. We harness the strengths of these brand builders into powerful copy for you.

Company Profiles:

More often than not, you are at a loss for words when it comes to describing your company, its services and facilities. A powerful, positive writing style and crisp content will give you mileage in this marketing driven world.

Established writers from our company will meet with you, conduct the required market research, carry out interviews as a part of information gathering and build final content to suit your company and the industry requirement.

Media Presence & Press Releases:

Today, the customer is bombarded with thousands of brands and new products. How can your product remain top of mind of customers? Only by creating a strong media presence by way of publishing Advetorials, Product Launches and Press Releases in newspapers and magazines.

We help you build press and media relations to derive maximum publicity and mileage for your products. With our extensive contacts with the media (both Print & Electronic) your brand/product/company can gain enormous publicity by way publishing articles, product launches, product news and industry information. We do that for you!


Advetorials are the advertising tools of today. More cost-effective than advertisements, Advetorials are the most sophisticated and subtle way to advertise your product or brand.

We create Advetorials for you!


The bottom line is, there are different styles of writing for different mediums. When we write for you, we take into account not only your audience, but how your audience will be reading about you. Whatever the project, we can draft, write and publish content that meets your business needs, speaks to your customers and fits your marketing strategy.

The cost will depend on the scope of your project. As with all of our services, this one is custom-tailored to meet your requirements. Contact Us to find out what copywriting options are available, for new customers or existing customers with a new project.


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