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email marketing FutureNet Technologies offers you email marketing services, to make sure that your product and services are known to your prospective customers. Manufactures and exporters including retailers are marketing on the net by displaying their products & services directly to their customers and having direct contact unlike T.V and Newspaper. Your product is displayed to lakhs and lakhs of people in their offices and at their homes with email marketing. BRAND NAME & COMPANY AWARNESS is created once an ad is displayed. It not only creates a national market but global market and expands the opportunity of new venue. Email marketing is an important tool to reduce your marketing and promotion cost.

Were you aware that over 70% of all Internet users in the World have made purchases online as a result of email marketing? Developing an email marketing campaign is a proven way to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your Internet presence. Email marketing is fast, cost-effective, and provides immediate feedback.

Why you need email marketing:

  • Email marketing helps to market your products, services fast and on a large scale that with very minimal expenses.
  • Email marketing helps to create awareness about your company/ product/ brand in the market
  • Email marketing helps to run advertisements periodically, like news letters and special promotions

Benefits of email marketing:

  • Email marketing is a very Cost Effective, as you can send thousands and even lakhs of email for just a few hundred rupees
  • No printing, production and postage cost
  • Instant delivery and immediate response. You get orders/ response for your goods/ services immediately within 24-48 hours
  • Email marketing can generate repeat and referral business

Below mentioned are some hidden secrets of bulk email marketing:

Secret #1 - Bulk email marketing is LEGAL!
The most effective weapon in the Anti-spam Terrorist's arsenal is the EMPTY threat of reporting your activity to the Sheriff, the Attorney General, the FBI or Interpol! The fact is, that Bulk Mail is perfectly legal...and every ISP and Web-site host knows it! Never-the-less that baseless threat can drive fear into the hearts of those who aren't aware that there are no laws against sending bulk email to anyone...if you do it properly. We suggest that you go to and learn the TRUTH!

Secret #2 -Bulk email marketing is SAFE!
You can't be sued, charged, harrassed, or injured by sending Unsolicited Commercial E-mail! There are no laws against it anywhere. But there are laws against anti-spam terrorism and harassment. In more than four years actively teaching the techniques of safe, ethical, effective bulk mail, I have never had a threatening phone call - although my phone number is clearly published on my website - or been contacted by any legal agency.

Secret #3 - Bulk email marketing is EFFECTIVE
It is used by many of the most successful national and multi-national companies to send Unsolicited mail to millions of people daily! That's right! AOL, who are the main thrust behind the anti-spam movement, use it themselves! But there are many others. MasterCard, Sears, Polaroid, Century 21 Realty, Citibank, are just of few of the giants who use Bulk E-mail to promote their products on the Web! If it works for them, it will work for you!

Secret #4 - Bulk email marketing is PROFITABLE!
It can put you on the road to riches in just 28 days...once you learn the right techniques! The successes go on and on!

Secret #5 - Bulk email marketing lists cost very less!
Bulk email list cost very less as compared to other marketing techniques. And the target to which it reaches by that you can say that it cost you nothing. Yes! you can target thousands with just couple of dollars.

Research has indicated that with a click thru rate of just 1% of all emails sent out and at a conversion rate of 2% - on average - one order should be achieved every 5,000 emails sent out. Keeping in mind that Spam filters block, at least 39% of emails being sent out. This means, if you can purchase 5,000 emails at 5 paise each, which equals Rs.250 per 5,000 – and is very good value for money. However, the click thru rate can fluctuate, depending on how good you are at writing headlines, to promote your product or service.

If you want to market on the Internet by using bulk email marketing for your business then the email marketing kit mentioned below is an absolute "must-have":

What does the Email Marketing Kit includes
  1. 10 Million Email addresses: 6 Million Indian Email IDs & 4 Million International Email IDs. All the addresses are in text format. One address per line. Hence can be directly loaded in any bulk emailing software with ease.
  2. FREE Bulk Emailing Software: You can send both plain as well as html email with Lightning speed without using your ISP's smtp server. This software sends mails directly from your computer to the recipients email addresses. Extremely easy to use. It also has list validation feature, means it can check and save good and bad email addresses, before actually sending mails. Thus you can minimize waste of your time and resources by sending mails to bad email addresses, which ultimately bounces.
  3. FREE Email Extractor Software: This software extracts email from the given path such as temp folders, saved webpages, etc.
  4. FREE Email Marketing ebooks: Now with every order you will get the below mentioned most wanted ebooks on E-Mail Marketing absolutely FREE! So now there is one more reason to act soon.
    email marketing
    Valued: USD 13.00
    email marketing
    Valued: USD 21.00
    email marketing
    Valued: USD 27.00

email marketing OFFER #1:
The Price of this Money Making Email Marketing Kit is just INR 4197/-. So hurry, order your copy now to avail Special Discount & Free Shipping*. Because Once You Will Use It You Will Value It!
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email marketing Offer #2:
Our Professional Email Marketing Team will mail your advertisement to this 10 Million prospects @ INR 2997/- per lakh.
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email marketing Offer #3:
Hire an Executive on Salary-cum-Commission Basis - You can hire our executive to do your emailing job on a pre-decided Salary-cum-Commission basis. What you need to do is Hire our Executive on a Monthly Salary and a pre-decided commission for a minimum period of 6 month and a minimum guaranteed Bulk mailing order for 12 lakh emails. Monthly salary of INR 4,997/- per month.
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10 Million Email addresses
[6 Million Indian Email ID & 4 Million International Email ID]
Email database cd is useful for any business segment. You will get a free bulk emailing software which sends email directly from your computer to the recipients email addresses. Extremely easy to use.
worth Rs.4,197/-
email marketing
25 Business Directories at the cost of One!
[Includes Small, Medium & Large Scale Indian Companies]
This database is useful for Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters, Importers, Agents, International Traders, Banks, Financial Institutions, Software Companies, IT Service Providers, etc.
worth Rs.2,297/-

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