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Domain Registration related FAQ's

(A) Domain Registration:

  1. What is a Domain name?
  2. A Domain name is the essence of your company's online identity. It is the address your customers use to find information about your products and services on the web. It is your permanent address that can follow you no matter where in the world you might move.
    This is a very powerful tool for individuals as well as businesses. Domain names allow Internet users to type in a name, such as www.FutureNetTechnologies.com, to identify a numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address such as The purpose of Domain name is to allow users connected to the Internet the ability to find web sites without having to memorize the long, numerical (IP) addresses that actually locate the computers or servers on the Internet.
  3. Why do I need a Domain Name?
  4. There are numerous uses for Domain names such as:
    1) Domain names can be used to establish a unique identity in cyberspace.Companies often choose a Domain name that corresponds to their company name. For instance, FutureNetTechnologies's web site is at FutureNetTechnologies.com and Yahoo is at www.yahoo.com. Anyone thinking about establishing a presence on the Internet should register a Domain name. You don't have to utilize it right away.
    2) Domain names can be used to give you a unique, permanent email addressMany companies will set you up with email forwarding, where messages sent to @yourDomain.com will be redirected to your existing mailbox as provided by your ISP. This lets you choose a truly unique email address and keep the same email address regardless of which ISP you use to access the Internet.
    3) To maximize the chances of a successful Internet presence and have a global reach.
  5. What are the valid characters for a domain name and how long can a domain name be?
  6. The domain name must conform to Standard rules for domain names:
    • Only characters in the range of A to Z, 0 to 9 and hyphen are allowed for example www.test-123.com
    • Names cannot begin or end with a hyphen for example www.-test123 is not acceptable.
    • You can use UPPERCASE or lowercase letters when registering a Domain name, but you may occasionally run into problems if you mix cASes, depending on the exact configuration of the web server that will be hosting your website.The easiest way to make sure your Domain name will not cause you any problems later is to register it using all lowercase letters
    • A Domain name can contain up to 67 characters.Some top Domains from specific countries have additional limitations on length and on the number of characters in a Domain. Some even specifies a minimum length for a Domain name, such as 3 characters or more.
  7. How do I register a Domain Name with FutureNetTechnologies?
  8. Fill in the Domain Registration Order Form and Submit. Kindly ensure that you enter all the mandatory fields on the Form. After receipt of your payment, you will receive an acknowledgement for the same. You will also receive a confirmation of your Domain name having been registered. Kindly note that it takes about 48 hrs, for the Registry database to update a new Registration and reflect it on the 'Whois Search'.
  9. For how long can I register a Domain name?
  10. FutureNetTechnologies offers registration from 1 year up to maximum 10 years for .com, .net or org extension. (the cctlds are subject to terms and conditions, which are regulated independently).
  11. I want to pay for the domain name. The payment should be in favor of whom? Where should I send the payment?
  12. You can send us the demand draft in favor of "Dynet Online Technologies" payable at Mumbai. You can send it at our address: 105/3015, Kannamwar Nagar 2, Vikhroli (E), Mumbai 400083.
  13. How much time does it take to register a Domain name?
  14. It takes maximum of 48 hrs for a tld Domain name to get registered.
  15. Why does my newly registered domain name show up as available?
  16. Once the domain name is registered successfully it takes minimum of 48 hrs to reflect globally. You can check this by performing a "Who is" query on your domain name. Some of who is look up services available are www.easywhois.com, www.uwhois.com and http://netsol.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois.
  17. Is it possible for someone to register my Domain name after I have registered it?
  18. The Domain name(s) with tld extensions .com, net or org are authenticated by a central registry system which confirms the ownership of the Domain names once registered and are timely updated in real time.
  19. Is there a refund if I misspell my domain name or simply do not want it anymore?
  20. Service is rendered the moment we register the domain name for you. The domain name registry does not allow for refunds, and therefore we cannot. It is imperative that you double check your spelling of the domain name(s) you want to make sure that they are spelled the exact way you want. We cannot correct misspellings. In the event of a spelling error, and you want the domain name spelled correctly (presuming it is available), you will need to register that name as well.
  21. Who is the Owner of the Domain name?
  22. The holder of the Domain name is the person/ company listed on the top of the WHOIS record whose name is displayed, as a Registrant is the owner of the Domain name. The administrative, technical contacts are the contacts allotted to the responsible representatives who are entrusted by the organization/ individual with relation to the Domain name.
  23. Once the domain name has been registered, can I shift my domain name from current User account to another account?
  24. No, once you have register a domain using one username account you cannot shift to another user account.
  25. If I register a domain name through FutureNetTechnologies does that mean I have to use your hosting facilities?
  26. No, the Customer has complete freedom to point his domain name DNS to new hosting provider.

(B) Domain Renewal:

  1. How can I renew my domain name?
  2. Step 1: To renew and extend the registration term for your domain please log into www.futurenettechnologies.com
    Step 2: Click on the link Domain Registration and fill the "Domain Registration Order Form" with your exact requirement. A pre-confirmation letter will be send to you after receiving your Order Form. After receipt of your payment, you will receive an acknowledgement for the same. You will also receive a confirmation of your Domain name having been renewed. Kindly note that it takes about 48 hrs for the Registry database to update the expiry dates and reflect it on the 'Whois Search'.
  3. For how many years can I Renew my Domain name?
  4. You can renew for 1-9 years, for a total registration period of up to 10 years. For example, let's assume that today's date is April 30, 2003 and that your current registration period ends April 30, 2006. You have exactly 4 years remaining on your registration period. You can extend your registration period for up to 10 years by renewing today for 6 years. Let's take another example. Assume that today's date is April 29, 2003 and that your current registration period ends April 30, 2006. You have 4 years and 1 day remaining on your registration period. You can extend your registration period to 9 years by renewing today for 5 years. If you tried to renew for 6 years, your total registration period would exceed, by 1 day, 10 years, which is the limit imposed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN"). Therefore, we would renew your domain name registration by 5 years, which is closest to the number of years you asked for, without going over the ICANN limit.
  5. Can I renew my domain name after its expiry?
  6. When a domain name expires, it enters a "grace" period, which usually lasts up to 30 days, during this period the current registrant can still renew the domain.
    Once that period is over, the Registrar will release the name to the Registry. The name then enters Redemption Grace period. The Redemption period is an extra period of up to 30 days and if a user want to renew his domain in this phase amount of Rs.10, 000 is required per domain name.
    When that is over, the registry processes the deletion, and approximately 5 days later the domain name will become available.
    **Also during this redemption period, the web site and e-mail services will definitely stop working for at least 30 days before the name is finally deleted.

(C) Domain Transfer:

  1. What is a Registrar?
  2. Registrar is an entity that registers domain names in the Domain Name System (DNS) on behalf of registrants (domain name holders). Registrars have contractual agreements with their registrants and maintain the customer data for each of their registrants.
  3. What is a Registrar transfer?
  4. Registrar Transfer is the process that occurs when the owner of a domain name wishes to move their domain name from their current Registrar into the control of a new Registrar.
  5. Why would I want to perform a Registrar transfer to FutureNetTechnologies?
  6. There are many reasons. Perhaps you are unhappy with the service or quality of your current Registrar and would like to be with one that more suits your needs.
  7. How much does a Registrar transfer request cost?
  8. A fee for change of registrar is Rs 495.00 and the registration term of the domain name is extended for one year as well.
  9. Once a name is submitted for transfer, how does the process work and how long will it take?
  10. The Change Registrar process can take 15 to 20 days. Once you've submitted your request:
    Step 1: FutureNet Technologies sends an email message to the Administrative Contact listed with the current registrar of the domain name requesting authorization for the registrar transfer.The Administrative Contact has 5 days to respond to the email message.
    - Once the Administrative Contact authorizes the registrar change, the transfer request will be sent to registry for processing.
    - If Administrative Contact denies the authorization or fails to respond within the allotted time, your transfer request is cancelled.
    Step 2: After the name has been transferred to registry, the losing registrar is notified that transfer request has been submitted. The losing registrar then has 5 days to accept, deny or ignore the request.
    Step 3: Once the registry transfers the domain name to FutureNet Technologies, the registrant and contact information is migrated into FutureNet Technologies who is database and one year will be added to existing domain license.
  11. When will a losing registrar deny the Registrar transfer request?
  12. Typically, the losing registrar may deny a Change Registrar request in the following instances:
    - The domain name isn't in a paid status.
    - The domain name hasn't been registered for 60 days or their less than 60 days in expiration of the domain name.
    - The domain name is the subject of some type of dispute (e.g. litigation, trademark, registrant identity, and bankruptcy).
    - The registrar didn't receive proper authorization from the domain name holder.
    - A Domain name has expired and the current registrar has locked the Domain.
  13. How many days should be left in expiry of the domain, which is being applied for transfer?
  14. So long as the domain name was first registered more than 60 days ago, it should be OK to transfer (according to the registry). However, some registrars lock a domain name some time just before expiry, although the amount of time varies. We recommend initiating a transfer at least 60 days before expiry to avoid problems. A transfer can be initiated later, but the end user must be aware that their registrar may lock their domain to prevent transfer (often 2 to 4 weeks before expiry) and may need to contact their old registrar to ensure that the transfer is allowed to proceed. Other registrars also lock domains at all times, but must unlock them at the registrant's request.
  15. Are .com, .net, and .org my only choices for transfer of domain names?
  16. Yes, at this time these are the only TLD types of Registrar transfers that we accept.

Web Hosting related FAQ's

  1. What is a Web site and why do I need it?
  2. In general, a web site is a place on the Internet that can be used to present something to the Internet audience. A website is like a necessity in today's society. Millions of new users are connecting to the Internet from any part of the world at any time. People use the Web to do almost everything, including banking, shopping, and researching. Not only is it quick, convenient and easy, but also it is always a changing environment. Newly updated sites always appear and there are always new things to explore on the Internet because of its comprehensiveness. A website is like a phone number, it is the first place people look before they do business with your company. If they don't find you, they will then find your competitors. A website could present vital company information to the prospective client. Thus, there are endless opportunities on the Internet.
  3. What is the relationship between Website and Web hosting?
  4. Web hosting is required in order for websites to be put "live" on the Internet. Web hosting allows the website to exist on the World Wide Web. A computer that specializes in hosting stores the website so it can be accessed by any Internet user during any time of the day. FutureNet Technologies is an example of a web hosting company that will make sure your website remain accessible with 99% reliability and impressive speed.
  5. What is shared/virtual hosting?
  6. In a shared hosting formula, one server is shared for multiple websites. An advantage of shared hosting in that it is an affordable solution, which doesn't require any compromises in safety and security, performance and reliability. Shared hosting is the easiest way to bring your website to the Internet. It's ideal for static websites and smaller web applications or e-commerce front offices with a limited product catalogue.
  7. Which Operating System do I choose?
  8. For each FutureNet Technologies hosting package you can choose the operating system. You have the choice between Windows 2000 and Linux. If you have a static website, the choice is not bound to technical limitations, only personal preferences are the deciding factor. The control panels and the services offered are for both Linux and Windows almost identical. Our Windows 2000 packages support ASP-pages, Cold Fusion, SA File up, CDONTS (mailing component) as well as Perl-scripting. The database can be either an MS Access database or an SQL Server 2000. For large numbers of visitors or complex websites SQL Server 2000 is the database of choice. Our Linux packages support PHP, CGI as well as Perl-scripting. The database can be a MySQL database.
  9. Can I access my site with or without the 'www'?
  10. You can not access your site without (yourname.com).
  11. How long does it take to set up a new account?
  12. Most of our hosting accounts are set up and fully active within 24 hours of receiving payment from you. As soon as an account is set up your access information will be sent you via e-mail. The e-mail would include your userID, password, FTP hostname and Hosting FAQs. You can begin uploading files to your hosting account immediately thereafter.
    * If you have also ordered a domain name along with your hosting account, you may have to wait for maximum of 48 hours for the registration of the domain name to be successful.
  13. Can I upgrade my account when necessary?
  14. Yes. You can upgrade your account at anytime.
  15. How do I transfer files to my website?
  16. Files must be transferred to the web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP). Most popular clients are WS FTP and CUTE FTP.
  17. From where can I get FTP software for uploading my files?
  18. Among most common FTP programs with a graphical user interface that you can download from the Web are: WS_FTP (http://www.ipswitch.com) CuteFTP (http://www.cuteftp.com) FTP Explorer (http://www.winsite.com) FTP Voyager (http://www.ftpvoyager.com/)
  19. Do you offer web page design services?
  20. Yes we do! FutureNet Technologies prides itself on the design of quality web sites at a reasonable cost. More information on web page and site design can be found on this web site www.FutureNetTechnologies.com or feel free to write us at
  21. Can I change my hosted domain name?
  22. To modify your domain name your entire account must actually be reconstructed. To get this done, please contact the Help Desk with the following information: - Your current hosted domain name - Your desired domain name - Your user name/password - Acknowledgment that you accept the Rs 1000/- fee for this service.
  23. What should I name my Homepage?
  24. Please remember to: Upload your homepage to the default login directory. Name your homepage either "index.html" or "index.htm". Upload graphics in binary mode. Upload all html, htm and other format sensitive documents in ASCII mode.
  25. Do you offer Telnet Access?
  26. No, due to security issues we do not allow telnet to our servers.
  27. Do you provide access logs?
  28. Yes we do, and we provide them only on a monthly basis. We do not enable logging by default; it's enabled only after use requests for the same. *Space consumed by the log files includes the web space you bought from us.
  29. How can I see my usage information of my website?
  30. For seeing your website usage stats please login into your Control Panel, with the login name & password provided to you. Click Statistic link to find the usage of your site.
  31. Can I have a hit counter for my page?
  32. Yes! You can have hit counter facility on your website all you need to do is just email us with your requirment.
  33. Can I shift Platform of my website from Linux to NT or vice -versa?
  34. You can shift platform of website by send us a request at along with Rs.1000/- as setup charges in addition to the difference amount.
  35. Do you support DSN less connection?
  36. No, we are not supporting the DSN less connection.
  37. What do these error codes mean?
  38. 401 Unauthorized
    402 Payment Required
    403 Forbidden
    404 Not Found
    405 Method Not Allowed
    406 Not Acceptable
    407 Proxy Authentication Required
    408 Request Time-Out
    409 Conflict
    410 Gone
    411 Length Required
    412 Precondition Failed
    413 Request Entity Too Large
    414 Request-URI Too Large
    415 Unsupported Media Type
    500 Server Error
    501 Not Implemented
    502 Bad Gateway
    503 Out of Resources
    504 Gateway Time-Out
    505 HTTP Version not supported
  39. Can I host more than one website under my 10 MB web space?
  40. While we can point as many domains as you require to your web space, we will not point domains to subdirectories under that web space.
  41. Is the space used by my database part of the overall space that I purchase?
  42. Yes the space used by your database is part of your overall space.
  43. What is LOG Files and what type of logs you are managing?
  44. Log files is basically raw details of your website which contain your website' visitors details as well as ftp file uploading details.
  45. How do I delete my Old Log Files?
  46. Please FTP onto your site and manually delete the files you don't require.
  47. What is DLL and do you support DLL files?
  48. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. It includes functions used by Windows applications. No, we do not support DLL files on our shared hosting servers
  49. I have forgotten my Ftp details. How do I retrieve it?
  50. You can retrieve your ftp details at any point of time. You can reset it from your control panel too. Or you can email us your details at
  51. How do I change my ftp Username and Password?
  52. Login to your Control Panel and your can change your ftp details.
  53. Can I have multiple FTP access?
  54. We only give one FTP account per domain/web space.
  55. What content restrictions are there on the sites hosted with FutureNet Technologies?
  56. Material deemed unsuitable for hosting with FutureNet Technologies includes: (not only restricted to the following list)Pornographic material. Racist and sexist material. Illegal software codes. Anyone hosting such material with FutureNet Technologies will have his account terminated with no refund given.
  57. Can I protect specific parts of my website with password?
  58. Yes you can protect any folder of your website with password by paying Rs 1000/- per folder. For more information please send request at with your details like domain name, directory to protect and authentication details.
  59. Is 2GB enough bandwidth for my website?
  60. It should be more then enough for a web site that is not excessive in size (amount of pages) or daily traffic. For your site to use more then 2GB of transfer/bandwidth your site would have to be receiving a large amount of visitors on a daily basis and/or have many pages that are being accessed.
    Example: Every time one of your web pages is viewed by someone on the internet, the size of that page goes towards your bandwidth usage. Below is an example of how many times a page would have to be viewed to reach 2GB of transfer.
    >> page size 30kb = 69,905 views >page size 40kb = 52,429 views
    >> page size 50kb = 41,943 views >page size 60kb = 34,956 views

Email Services related FAQ's

  1. What is my email-id/email address?
  2. Your email-id or email address is an address, which can be used to send or receive emails e.g. you@yourdomain.com or you@FutureNet Technologies.com. Your email-id consists of two parts - local part and domain part. In you@futurenettechnologies.com the word "you" is called local part and "futurenettechnologies.com" is the domain part.
  3. What is pop3 mail?
  4. POP3 stands for "Post Office Protocol Version 3" which is used to retrieve emails kept on a mail server to your pc using an email client such as "Microsoft Outlook Express", "Microsoft Outlook", "Netscape Messenger", "Eudora Mail" etc.
  5. What is web mail?
  6. Web mail is an email service, which is used to check emails using a web browser such as "Microsoft Internet Explorer", "Netscape Navigator" etc.
  7. What is my mailbox?
  8. Mailbox is the file that stores the messages sent to your email address. Every email-id has one mailbox attached to it.
  9. What is my pop-id?
  10. Pop-id is a unique number assigned to your mailbox, which is also used as your email username while you retrieve your emails from FutureNet Technologies's Mail Server using an email client such as "Microsoft Outlook Express", "Microsoft Outlook", "Netscape Messenger", "Eudora Mail" etc. It is an alphanumeric number that looks like this "a1234567-1".
  11. What is my email alias?
  12. If your email address is you@yourdomain.com, your email alias is "you" (part of your email address before @ sign). It is also called "local part" of an email address.
  13. What is my Incoming Mail Server (POP3 Server)?
  14. Incoming mail server or POP3 Server for FutureNet Technologies's all email services is pop.futurenettechnologies.com
  15. What is my Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP Server)?
  16. Outgoing mail server for FutureNet Technologies's all email services is smtp.futurenettechnologies.com.
  17. What is my Email Username/Email Account Name/Mail Server Username?
  18. All these terms are used by various email clients to describe the username for an email-id. Every email-id has a username attached to it, which is supplied along with a password to the mail server while retrieving emails. This is same as your pop-id.
  19. How do I configure my email account in an email client (Microsoft Outlook Express, etc.)?
  20. Steps to configure most commonly used email clients Outlook Express is made available in an e-book along with the screenshots. Click here to download this e-book for free.
  21. How do I check my emails without using an email client?
  22. Login to http://mail.yourdomain.com; provide your email-id (you@yourdomain.com) and your email password to see your mailbox.
  23. How do I check my emails using FutureNet Technologies web mail Service?
  24. FutureNet Technologiess Web mail URL is http://mail.yourdomainname.com; where you can check your emails from anywhere in the world without configuring an email client. Just login with your email-id as username and email-password as password and you'll see a user-friendly interface, just like your favorite email client (Outlook Express/Netscape).
  25. How do I change the password of my email-id?
  26. Log in to your control panel (http://admin.yourdomainname.com) with your username and password. Once you are successfully logged in, go to the link "Change Password". To change password of your email account, click on "password change" button. Enter the password details and submit it.
  27. How do I change my email alias?
  28. Log in to your webmail section and go to the email alias section and create or change your email alias there.
  29. How can I redirect emails sent to my email-id on to another email-id? (Email Forwarding)
  30. Log in to your webmail section and go to the email forwarding link and add oyu your email address where you need to forward your emails.
  31. While trying to send a message I get "550 Relaying Denied" message, why?
  32. Make sure that you are using smtp-yourdomain.com as your Outgoing Mail Server and your "From Email-id" is yourname@yourdomain.com.
  33. The emails I sent are bouncing back with some error; I don't know from which server are they bouncing back?
  34. Every bounced message contains an error message, which is normally a self explanatory one. If an error has come from any of FutureNet Technologies's Mail Server, it will contain the name of that server with extension futurenettechnologies.com (e.g. pop1.futurenettechnologies.com, smtp2.futurenettechnologies.com).
  35. I tried to send someone email but got a bounce message. Is something broken on your server or with my machine?
  36. Email error messages usually mean what they say. For example, if your bounce message says, "mail box is full," the mailbox of the person you're trying to contact is probably full. If the message says "Unknown "local part" in domain "yourdomain.com"" then there is probably something wrong with the email address that has been entered in the TO: field, etc. Following are the most common error numbers with SMTP error messages attached to them, which may vary from server to server.
    SMTP Error Messages:
    Error # Error Message (may vary)
    Service not available, closing transmission channel
    Mailbox unavailable
    Local error in processing
    Insufficient system storage
    Syntax error, command unrecognized
    Syntax error in parameters or arguments
    Command not implemented
    Bad sequence of commands
    Command parameter not implemented
    Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (or Relaying Denied)
    User not local
    Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage allocation
    Requested action not taken: mailbox name not allowed
    Transaction failed
    Not enough memory
    A task is already in progress
    No recipient was specified
    Aborted by user
    Invalid email address
    Invalid mail server address
    Invalid user name
    Invalid password
    Mail server is not responding
    Invalid reply from the server
    One or more e-mails were undeliverable
  37. What is a catchall email-id? (Unlimited Aliasing)
  38. A catchall email-id is the one that will receive emails sent to all those email-ids on your domain that do not exist. It will act as a cover for all those spelling mistakes in local parts (aliases) that a sender makes while sending emails at your domain. For example, you have and email-id called sharat@yourdomain.com and some one by mistake types it as sharath@yourdomain.com. Now if you have created a catchall email-id on your domain, this message will get delivered in catchall email-id reducing the risk of missing out on important emails.This concept is also called, as "Unlimited Aliasing" which means that a catchall email account gives you the facility to receive all the emails sent to your domain on a single email-id without having to create one email-id per user and one email-id becomes unlimited email-ids. Since this feature gives you the benefits equivalent to having unlimited aliases on your domain, its called "Unlimited Aliasing".
  39. How can I create and configure a catchall email-id?
  40. To avoid missing any email sent to your domain due to incorrectly spelled alias, you can create a catchall email account. While creating a catchall account, you need to specify its alias as a wildcard character "asterisk" (*). To type this character, you need to hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard and press "8" key. So your catchall email-id will be *@yourdomain.com. Configuring a catchall email-id is no different from a normal email-id since it also has a pop-id attached with it, which will act as "Email Username" for it though it is a good idea to create another email-id and forward your catchall email-id to that email-id. This will help when you want to send emails since sending from a catchall email-id wont help the recipient.
  41. What is my mailbox quota? (Maximum allowable size for my mailbox)
  42. Your mailbox quota is upto the webspace you have availed.
  43. Can I get extra storage capacity (above 20 MB) for my mailbox?
  44. Every extra 1MB of storage space would cost you Rs.97/-.
  45. How can I "Leave a copy of messages on Web Mail Server"?
  46. If you wish to keep a backup of your messages on the server while checking your emails using an email client such as "Outlook Express" or "Netscape Messenger" you need to be aware that this will add to the storage space occupied on the mail server and will be counted against your mailbox quota. This feature is found in the advanced configuration properties of the email clients. You can find those options by looking at the step-by-step screenshots for all the commonly used email clients by clicking here.
  47. People complain that they have sent me a few emails but I haven't received any, why?
  48. Find out from which email-id they sent those messages. Take out the domain part and try to ping that domain from your PC. A domain name should resolve to an IP address to be able to send emails to our mail server. If it doesn't FutureNet Technologies's mail server won't accept the message and sender will get an error. If the sender hasn't got an error message yet, he/she needs to contact his Mail server administrator. In case you find that sender's domain actually does resolve then the most likely reason why you did not receive the message is that it wasn't resolving when the email was sent to you. Sender should get an error in any case.
  49. What is SPAM?
  50. SPAM is unsolicited/unwanted email message(s), which is/are sent to a recipient against his/her will. SPAM most commonly includes bulk commercial email, which is sent to multiple email address for the purpose of advertising of a product or service with a common subject and message body. SPAM doesn't always mean bulk email but anything that is objectionable to the recipient.
  51. What is the maximum message size that I can send or receive using my email-id?
  52. SMTP (Simple Message Transfer Protocol) is traditionally the protocol that is meant for transfer of short messages on the Internet and shouldn't be misused for transferring huge data. Maximum message size should not increase 5 MB under normal circumstances and FutureNet Technologies allows a maximum single message size of 10 MB to be sent or received through its mail servers.
  53. I am trying correct email username and password combination and still unable to login to my email account, why?
  54. Please make sure that you are entering your pop-id (e.g. a1234567-1) as your email username. Your email password is case-sensitive; so make sure that you are entering it in correct case. In case you've forgotten your password, you can always get it emailed to your administrative email-id.
  55. I've forwarded my email-id to another email-id but I am unable to receive emails on the 2nd email-id, why?
  56. Please check that you have entered correct spelling for your 2nd email-id. If you are sure that you have then try sending a test message to the 2nd email-id and see if you receive it. If this doesn't work for you, then remove the forwarding and check whether you can receive emails on your email address or not.
  57. I am unable to receive any emails sent to my email-id, why?
  58. Make sure the MX record for your domain is mail.yourdomainname.com and your domain has not expired yet else you won't receive any emails on your domain. Also check that the email-id on which you are trying to send emails is not forwarded to any other email-id.
  59. I've sent a few emails to other email-ids, neither have they reached nor bounced back to me, why?
  60. This happens; if the remote SMTP is unable to receive emails due to heavy traffic, network congestion, misconfiguration or overwhelming requests or remote SMTP is down for some reason. In such situations the email server will keep those messages in queue for its next delivery attempt and will bounce it back to you after it fails to deliver them in a fixed amount of time.
  61. While downloading my emails, I get a message saying, "Your POP server has not responded in 60 seconds. Would you like to wait for another 60 seconds", why?
  62. This happens if your email client has established connection with the mail server once and after that the connectivity has been lost. The possible causes are low speed connectivity, overwhelming requests on the server, network problems etc.
  63. I have changed my email password and I am unable to login to my email-id after that. Why?
  64. Please make sure that you are trying your new password in correct case. If it still doesn't work, get it emailed to our technical support email-id.
  65. While trying to receive emails, I can see messages getting downloaded and in between it gets stuck, why?
  66. This normally happens if you have a low speed connection (dial-up) and the size of messages you are trying to receive is big. Can happen in good quality connections as well if the message size is huge. This happens because SMTP and POP3 protocol were designed keeping in mind that they will serve the transfer of short messages and most importantly your bandwidth is not good enough to be able to handle that big a message.To get rid of it, you can login to your email-id using Webmail http://mail.yourdomainname.com and delete bigger messages if they are not of big importance to you.
  67. I can download/send my emails but at a very slow speed, why?
  68. Downloading emails can be slow if you have low speed Internet connectivity compared to the size of messages you are trying to download. If you feel that you have good enough connectivity and still the email download is slow, check the connection speed between your computer and the mail server. For doing this, you need to go to MS-DOS prompt on your PC and type ping pop.yourdomainname.com. Find out the time it takes to ping the mail server. If it is less than 600 ms, the connectivity is good enough to download emails at normal speed. If you can't understand the figures you are getting on the black window, please call up our Support Team for help.
  69. I am getting all my old emails, which I had downloaded earlier, why?
  70. The most probable reason for receiving your old emails once again is that you have recently configured your email client and you have done it before with the option "Leave a copy on the Server" checked. Since a copy of your email is already there on the mail server and your recently configured email client is treating them as fresh emails, it will download them on your PC.
  71. I am getting multiple copies of one email and fail to understand why? (Repeated Emails)
  72. The most common reason for receiving repeated emails can be explained using an example. You've created an email-id a@yourdomain.com and forwarded it to itself and b@yourdomain.com. Now you have both the email-ids configured in your email client and if someone sends you an email at a@yourdomain.com, you are bound to get 2 copies for the same message (one for a and other for b account). This is the basic concept which can become a more complex one if you have number of email-ids on your domain and you do lot of email forwarding between those email-ids.
  73. How do I get rid of junk messages from my mailbox?
  74. The best possible way is to identify the Sender host's IP address from the message headers and send a formal complaint to the person responsible for that IP address stating that the aforesaid IP address is responsible for sending you the unsolicited emails. Find out the email address of person responsible for a particular IP address from http://www.apnic.net/ for Asia-pacific regions.
  75. I am receiving a number of bounced messages while I haven't sent any emails to anyone, why?
  76. This is a symptom of virus in your PC. Recent viruses/worms keep sending emails from infected PCs without the user's knowledge. If a machine is infected and is online, viruses use it to spread themselves through emails. They use their in-built SMTP engine and infected user's address book for sending those emails. Immediately clean your PC with good and updated anti-virus software. If you don't know how to do this, contact your hardware/software vendor for the same.
  77. I've sent a few emails to myself but I haven't received any?
  78. Mails can get delayed rarely during peak hours due to huge/unexpected traffic. This will be a rare case. Please be patient and wait for a while before your mails will get delivered.

Web Mail FAQ's

  1. What is web mail?
  2. Web mail is a browser-based interface for your reading your emails. Instead of downloading emails on to your PC using email clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora Mail etc., you can view your emails from the server directly using your web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Opera etc. This email service gives you an opportunity to access your emails from your office, your home or while traveling anywhere in the world.
  3. What is FutureNet Technologies Webmail Gateway?
  4. FutureNet Technologies Webmail gateway is the Webmail service offered to all its email users enabling them to check their emails sent to alias@theirdomain.com from anywhere in the world easily and quickly. The URL for the Webmail gateway is http://mail.yourdomainname.com
  5. Is FutureNet Technologies's Webmail Service free?
  6. Yes, it is a free service for all FutureNet Technologies email users. You can also use this service if you have purchased email services from FutureNet Technologies.
  7. How much storage space do I get?
  8. The storage space you get depends on the server you have been availed
  9. What will happen if I exceed my 20 MB limit?
  10. You'll get a warning message as and when your mailbox reaches 80% of the assigned quota asking you to delete big messages to free your mailbox space. If you exceed 100% of the assigned quota, emails sent to you will start bouncing to the senders.
  11. Can I send/receive Attachments?
  12. Yes, you can send a maximum of 3 attachments at a given point in time and can read any number of attachments. The maximum size allowed for sending an attachment file is limited to 1 MB.
  13. I can't login to my mailbox. "Incorrect Username or Password" it says. Why?
  14. Specify your complete email-id and password to login. Double-check and make sure the password you are supplying is correct or not (Password is case sensitive). Your account may not be activated yet (Check you user control panel). Also verify that your browser supports COOKIES and that they are enabled. Most popular browsers that support cookies are Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above and Netscape 2.0 and above. If you do not have the latest version of your browser, you need to upgrade your browser to use Webmail. Also verify that you are not trying to login from cached copy of web mail. If so then refresh once and try again. Otherwise close the browser and try.
  15. I am getting a message "Your session has expired". Why?
  16. Session expires due to security reasons, which may be any of the following:
    • You don't have cookies support in your browser or it has not been enabled yet.
    • You are accessing some Webmail links from your browser's history after logging out from the system.
    • You have exceeded the time set for an inactive login session to expire. (20 minutes from your login)
    • You are running two simultaneous logins with the same username and password.
    • You are trying to access the URL for inner mail pages directly from the location bar of your browser.
  17. I am getting a message 'Your inbox is empty', Where are my mails?
  18. Either you don't have any new emails in your mailbox or you have download them using your email client (Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger etc) on to your computer. This normally happens when you are using an email-id as a POP3 account as well as through Webmail. To avoid your email client downloading your emails, you can either change your password or set 'Leave a copy on the server' option checked while configuring your email client.
  19. When I try to forward a message with an attachment, the text and the attachment both do not appear in the new mail to be forwarded. Why?
  20. When you forward a message, by default it does not show the attachment in the compose window, but if you send the message it will automatically attach and send your file in the background.
  21. I am sending emails but I can't see them in my "Sent Items" folder. Why?
  22. FutureNet Technologies Webmail, by default, does not store messages in sent items. To save a message in "Sent Items" you need to check the option "Save a copy in Sent Items" while composing your message. To make this option default, you need to check "Personal settings" "Always Store In Sent Items" option.
  23. How can send mail to the addresses in my address book?
  24. To use your address book while composing, click on "To", "CC" or "Bcc" links and a pop-up window will appear. Select the addresses you want to send your message to and those will automatically get pasted in you respective text boxes.
  25. How can I rename a folder?
  26. To give a folder a new name, create a new folder with the name you want, copy all the messages from old folder to new and delete the old one.
  27. How can I configure an email client (Outlook Express, etc.) to check my emails?
  28. Steps to configure most commonly used email clients Outlook Express is made available in an e-book along with the screenshots. Click here to download this e-book for free.
  29. Whom can I write to for any kind of clarifications, problems with regards to FutureNet Technologies Webmail?
  30. You can contact us as .

General Queries

  1. What is your Postal Address?

  2. 105/ 3015, Kannamwar Nagar 2, Vikhroli (E),
    Mumbai 400 083, Maharashtra, INDIA.
    Tel: (091) 022 - 2579 2364.
  3. Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?
  4. The Terms and Conditions is published here.
  5. Do you accept international orders?
  6. Yes. FutureNet Technologies has customers located all over the world.
  7. How do I place an order?
  8. There are 3 easy ways:
    1. Send Demand Draft in favour of "Dynet Online Technologies" payable at Mumbai along with your order details.
    2. Email us your requirements.
    3. Call our sales department directly on following tel. nos.: 91-022- 2579 2364 / 9967056389
  9. How long does it take to set up a new account?
  10. After we have completed your order over the phone, your account will be created within 8 hours.
  11. How does the billing process work?
  12. There are three ways you can pay for your account:
    1. Cheque or Money Order: Your account is not activated until the cheque clears and the funds are in our account.
    Postal and bank processing delays can cause interruptions of service to your web site. To avoid bank delays, pay by Money Order, or have your home branch certify your cheque.
    2. Bank/Wire Transfer: Your account will be activated when the funds are in our account. Please make sure that your bank includes the following details in its message: a) Your account information, b) Your full name, c) Your domain name and d) Your country:
  13. What is your account details for making bank transfer?
  14. Account Holder Name: Dharmaprakash Shettigar
    Account No.: 10020732753
    Bank Name: State Bank of India
    Branch: Vikhroli East, Mumbai
    IFSC/ Branch Code: SBIN0007212


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