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Feng Shui tips for the month of August 2009
  • Watch the placement of desks, shelves, cabinets, wardrobes and make sure their corners are not pointing towards the bed.
  • Slip Chinese coins tied with red thread among your work books such as ledgers, educational books and office-related references for good luck.
  • Pictures of rivers, oceans or any type of large moving waters hung behind you is not a good thing, since they denote to you being 'smothered'.
  • Do not decorate your sleeping area with Feng Shui deities. it's also inauspicious to sleep in a room which is in a direct line to a straight road.
  • When you enter a property through the main door, the toilet should not be immediately visible, nor should there be a toilet facing the front door. This is for those in retail or restaurant business; your cash register should be clear of any clutter for the best Feng Shui and wealth prospects!
  • Aquariums, fish tanks and desktop fountains are always great for strengthening Qi, and weakening malevolent stars in the Xuan Kong system.
  • Calming Yin colors such as blues and greens will be perfect for your baby's room. Yellows, reds and other Yang colors are inauspicious for babies.
  • Shelves, cupboards and other storage structures above the baby’s crib or toddler’s bed is never a good idea. This may send off poison arrows towards your child, plus it is a safety hazard.
  • Let your child enjoy the benefits of the Maitreya! Decorate your baby or toddler’s bedroom with a Buddha to keep him or her happy and content.
  • Position your baby’s bed with the head of the crib against the wall just as you would a regular bed.
  • Do not place your desk with your back behind the door of your study room, since this will neglate the effects of good Qi that enters.
  • Saturate the aura of your study area with cultural endeavors such as practicing musical instruments, meditation, prayers and playing music.
  • Books should be placed in bookcases with doors. This is to eliminate negative Qi caused byopen shelves directed towards occupants of the room.
  • Avoid from putting up posters and storing publications depicting sexual, violent, lewd and war-related content in your study room.
  • Fishes swimming in an aquarium is a good symbol of growth and activity. Install an aquarium or fish tank in your study room.
  • Crystals break up and disperse negative Qi. Invest in faceted crystals for the North section of your study room to magnify studying success.
  • Elephants are said to symbolize fertility, virility and creates auspicious descendants’ Qi. Place an elephant statue by the Northwest direction.
  • Do not cut any trees or remove any hills or mounds from the Northwest area of your home, for this represents protection for you and your family.

Feng Shui tips for the month of July 2009
  • In the case of trying to conceive a child, it is a good idea to place a small dragon figurine next to the bed to conjure up some Yang energy.
  • For Period 8 occurring from the years 2004 until 2023, place a water feature in the Southwest location of your home or office to tap into good Qi.
  • Watch out for any poison arrows brought by edges of pillars of furniture in homes and offices. Cover these edges with a soft cloth or a potted plant.
  • Purify antique furniture with wind, water, fire, sound, salt or other techniques outside your home after purchasing.
  • Put a pair of Qi Lin statues for protection outside the front of buildings for protection and good luck. Place statues of Fu dogs at your door for protection and to keep your prosperity Qi from leaving your home or office.
  • Keep your live pets and their litters or homes in the rear of the house, though they may have access to the front.
  • Keep a bird or fish for a pet at home, since both these animals are strong and potent representations of wealth.
  • Put dragon images, figurines or decorations in your office to strengthen your authority and wealth Feng Shui.
  • If you wish to enhance your office with the dragon image, place your dragon statue or figurine at eye-level.
  • Combine your dragon with a phoenix to represent a happy and harmonious pairing of partners.
  • Do not put a dragon statue or figurine in your bedroom for it is too yang for a sleeping location.
  • To enhance your home or office with the three-legged toad, place it on the floor inside the house, facing in as if just entering.
  • For extra good luck to your income, keep a coin lodged in your three legged toad statue’s mouth.
  • Do not place your three legged toad facing your front door as if exiting. This means you are facilitating your money to go out!
  • Use the horse image for stationary or logbooks, especially if you are in a business involved in travel, flight or transportation.
  • Use one or eight horses which are lucky numbers, but not in a group of five. The horses should look towards the house.
  • Use lion images with caution, since they will cause harm to businesses. Unicorns, fu dogs, elephants or horses are safer substitutes.
  • Do not injure or kill a snake that takes up residence in property. Catch and release it instead to instill good karma. If your child is not sleeping well, position the bed to his or her Sheng Chi direction. This will bring about restful sleep to the children.

Feng Shui tips for the month of June 2009
  • Make your own Wealth pot for wealth luck - fill a pot with coins, crystals, animal figurines and rice. Hide the pot in a cupboard.
  • Slip coins tied with red thread among your work books. Chinese coins are symbols of wealth, and red thread activates the Qi of the coins.
  • Gold ingots are powerful symbols of wealth attainment. Pop your gold ingots anywhere you like in areas where you perform your work activity.
  • The crane is very famous for health and longevity. Put up crane pictures in the bedroom, dining room and kitchen.
  • Jade tortoises, coins and wu lous are very auspicious since they are health-rich Feng Shui items. Place these items close to you in the bedroom.
  • Mirrors in the bedroom are perfectly fine during the day, but it is inauspicious if you can see yourself in the mirror lying down at night.
  • The smiling Buddha is a good feature for children. Place this venerable image at an elevated height in the bedroom.
  • Feng Shui-wise, there should be no tapering walls along the driveway to your home. A depletion of finances is bound to occur.
  • Incorporate ascending steps towards the entrance door. If for your doorsteps follow downwards instead, hang a wind chime between the door and stairs.
  • There shouldn't be any stairs at the entrance area of the home. A round rug at the foot of the stairs will allow the Qi to circulate.
  • Hanging a coin sword is very auspicious in generating Wealth luck, but do not hang two swords or knives in a crisscross fashion.
  • To welcome in the most positive type of Qi, keep your home entrance area neat, spacious and smelling nice. Avoid the undesirable clutter of shoes.
  • If you are a single male, display items or photos that represent the presence of females/Yin.
  • If you are single female, some Yang images or displays that shows male masculinity will be beneficial.
  • If you wish to enhance your relationship with your children, sleep with your head pointed at your Yan Nian direction.
  • If you have been trying for children, check if there is any offending structures that is sending out poison arrows towards your main door.
  • If you hold a superior position in the office, sit in the corner farthest from the entrance of the room to gain a "command" position.
  • Colors are beneficial in attracting good Qi.
  • Do not let your child sleep on a bed with the headboard resting on a wall with a toilet at the other side. To enjoy general good luck, sleep with your head pointed towards your personal Sheng Chi direction.

Feng Shui tips for the month of May 2009
  • Put your aquariums only in living rooms, offices and studies, not in bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.
  • For a harmonious relationship between couples, display images or real bunches of peony flowers in the living room.
  • Sunny Yang colors are not good for bedrooms, since its strong properties will make it hard for you to sleep. Use pastel colors instead.
  • Refrain from having water features in the Central location this 2006 because it will strengthen the Argument star #3 Jade.
  • If your main door faces any structures that causes Shar Qi (such as tall buildings, sharp edges, the end of a T-junction etc), plant some trees.
  • If possible, sit facing your Sheng Chi direction at work or sit facing one of your other 3 best directions.
  • Hang two, six or seven bells strung with red thread on your doorknob to activate wealth and luck for your business.
  • Are there any sharp corners or edges pointed at you? Hide it with a soft material such as a curtain.
  • Fresh air and sunlight are the best cure for moldy, stale Qi in the bathroom. If you have windows, do open them daily and allow in the sunlight.
  • Always have a wall behind your back and avoid a desk with windows behind you. This ensures that you are 'supported' in all your career endeavors.
  • To up your child's academic luck, position the study table so that he or she faces the Tien Yi direction while studying.
  • Beware of Shar Qi (killing breath), such as sharp wall edges, directed at you or your child in the bedroom - cover them up with curtains.
  • Hang a crystal by your window in the office or simply place one on your table to activate positive Qi as well as disperse negative ones.
  • Do not let your child sleep or study in a room located above a garage or below a toilet. This will distract his studies.
  • A cluttered home or office is not conducive to good Qi. Provide plenty of storage boxes to store away clutter, and purify the home with incense.

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