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FutureNet Technologies is a Qualified Strategic Consultancy service that specialises in applying Today’s Business, Social & World Trends to the Marketing of your Business.

We devise unique marketing strategies that help you target the right customers, differentiate yourself from competitors & create an powerful branding image in the marketplace. We cater to all types of industries, servicing both Consumer & Business Markets, & also work with both start-up businesses & established ones. Industries that FutureNet Technologies has catered to have included FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Industrial Services, Professional Services, Financial Services, Business to Business, Community Services, & Entertainment. We tailor all our services to individual client needs.

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Marketing Consultancy - Your business can expect the following results:

  • Position your business as a leader in its field, by marketing itself in line with today's latest trends.
  • Create a better understanding of your customers needs/wants & the marketplace you operate in.
  • Offer your customers an attractive buying option that is meaningful & useful to them.
  • Emotionally connect with your customers, which creates long term relationships.
  • Turn your product/service into an exciting experience which will keep customers coming back to try your product/service again & again.
  • Help your business create a product/service that is unique in the marketplace and that grabs your customers attention.
  • Use your image to successfully differentiate your business from competitors & in doing so create a powerful competitive advantage.
  • Utilise a marketing plan/program that improves the performance of all areas of your business.
  • Increase your customers & overall profit margins.

Our Marketing Strategy Plan includes the following components:

  • Marketing Sales & Objectives.
  • Company Marketing Review Audit.
  • Environmental Analysis.
  • Customer Analysis & Research.
  • Competitor Analysis & Research.
  • Today's Trends & Socialogical Analasis.
  • Marketing Mix Analysis
  • Brand/ Image Startegy creation.
  • Marketing on the Internet.
  • Future Growth Opportunities Analysis.
  • Marketing Implementation & Control.

Our Fees: How we charge?

As we tailor our services to individual client needs we also tailor our prices to individual needs. This means we have a number of pricing options to choose from depending on your current situation & that type of work that is needed for your business. Our pricing options includes:

Option #1: 50% upfront payment at the start of the project & the remaining 50% to be paid at the end of the project.

Option #2: 50% upfront payment at the start of the project & a retainer agreement to be paid on a monthly basis for a period agreed upon.

Option #3: We are also able to discuss other pricing options to suit your individual circumstances.

If you have any further enquiry please do contact us or submit your enquiry here!


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